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Florida Department of Law Enforcement Press Release

100,000 decks of cards issued state-wide.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Press Release

Case Solved; Man Arrested in Fort Myers

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

View the full decks online.

Another case solved

Fox 13 News Report & Video

Law enforcement hopes card decks will warm up cold case crimes.;jsessionid=A65E85F296

Central Florida 13 News Report & Video

Inmates Get Kesse Cold Case Cards


Could cold-case clues be in the cards? Florida hopes to get inmates involved in the game of solving murders and finding missing persons.,2933,290669,00.html

CBS News video spotlights prison playing cards

A prison in Bartow, Fla., is giving inmates playing cards with pictures and descriptions of homicide victims. These unique cards are already cracking unsolved murder cases, reports Mark Strassmann..

Bonita News

Full House in the Big House.

Bay News 9

Polk County taking a page from the U.S. military to catch county's most wanted and thaw out cold cases.

Lakeland Ledger (Ledger Article-1)

Arrests may mark first time in the nation where playing cards featuring homicide victims have solved a killing.

St. Petersburg Times

Inmate poker with a purpose - closing cold homicide and missing-persons cases.

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