How to Order

In order to receive the best results you would like to have a deck of cards in the hands of every existing inmate. Since criminals tend to associate with other criminals it is a great idea to send a deck home with each prisoner when released.

In order to decide how many decks to order, you should determine the average daily inmate population of the facilities to which you are intending to distribute and factor in average new inmates received daily.

There are several grants and funds which can provide help with the printing costs. These vary from area to area, so give us a call toll-free at 1-888-80CARDS or email to discuss what will work for YOU.

Once you have determined how many cards you need and have placed your order we will provide you with a link and pass code to our secure website. This site provides a playing card template allowing quick and efficient production of your customized cards. You will be able to issue pass codes to as many individuals as you need. In Florida, we have found that by enabling several different municipalities, (i.e. Local Police Department, Sheriffs Office or other law enforcement personnel who have access to case photos and descriptions) to be responsible only for 2 or 3 cards each you can complete your deck in the shortest amount of time while minimizing the work load. The 2 jokers in each deck are used as information cards for your unit.

The jokers plus the card back designs are individually customized to meet your specific needs and their layout will be coordinated separately with you through our graphics department.

Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery from the date of final proofing.

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