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When distributed to jail and prison inmates, these customized playing cards with Unsolved Homicide, Missing Person or Wanted Fugitive photos and case profiles provide new tips on old cases. News media coverage and exposure following implementation of these cards brings immediate and extensive attention and awareness to Your Agency or Program!

Effective Playing Cards & Publications has produced cards exclusively for state agencies, law enforcement and crime stopper units across the country for the past two years. We have more than 30 individual decks in use at this time, including the first ever statewide deck for Florida which is currently being distributed to every prisoner in the State. New York, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, California and Washington along with agencies in Canada are all working toward implementing our cards into their area.

Detective Tommy Ray, FDLE Cold Case Assessment Team, in referring to Polk County, FL jails 2500 inmates states: “It is like interviewing all 2500 inmates about 52 different homicides all at the same time!”

In less than 3 months since the launch of the Florida deck over 60 New Tips have been received on cold cases... some more than 20 years old... and a 3 year old cold case has already been *SOLVED* from a tip received directly from this deck of cards! To date we know of 4 solved cases where individuals have been convicted directly from information received from these cards. There are several more indictments waiting to be handed down at this time. This is an extremely efficient and cost effective means of digging up long suppressed information.

Effective Playing Cards takes great pride in having received the unprecedented support of surviving family members in producing each new deck. The fact that someone is doing “anything” to keep these cases in the public eye is overwhelmingly appreciated, and each success provides new hope for all involved.
Join the other agencies across the U.S. who are already receiving incredible benefits by placing your order for your Customized Poker Playing Cards Today!

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